Removing Urine Smells

removing urine smells

Struggling with cat or dog urine stains and odours?

We feel for you! Luckily we’ve found some tips and tricks to help you deal with fresh or older stains and ‘stinks’.

METHOD 1: How to Remove Fresh/Benign Urine Stains

  1. Grab napkins, paper towels or old towels to soak up the majority. Blot until damp.
  2. Place new rags/paper towels over the area and cover with newspaper. Walk around on it for a minute to bring up more moisture.
  3. Leave the wet towels where you would like your pet to do his/her business (outside, litter box, etc.).
  4. Get clean, cool water to rinse the area. Do it a few times and remove excess water each time.
  5. Alternatively, spray pet stain remover on the area.
  6. Fill a spray bottle with a white vinegar solution, spray area and clean with a scrub brush. After a while, go over area with a wet vacuum or steam cleaner. (Never start with vinegar.)
  7. Cover area with baking soda or cornstarch to neutralise the smell. Go over it with a scrub brush. Leave for 24 hours then vacuum remaining product. For bad stains, add water to the baking soda or cornstarch to create a paste before applying.

METHOD 2: How to Remove Dried or Persistent Stains

  1. If necessary, find dried urine stains under the ultraviolet light of a black light and outline with chalk.
  2. Don’t steam or use hot water. Use lukewarm water to wet vacuum the area. (If you don’t have one, ask a friend/rent one.)
  3. For Odour: Mix peroxide (235 ml), baking soda (3 Tbsp) and dish detergent (2 to 3 drops) in a spray bottle. Spray on the stain and work in with a brush or sponge. Leave for 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Use a pet stain remover.
  5. For Stain: Start with a cool ammonia water solution before trying the spray (no. 3). Mix 2 Tbsps of ammonia per one cup water in a spray bottle and spritz the whole area.
  6. Next: brush. Then wait 45 min. Now try the peroxide solution above.
  7. Use a wet vacuum and stain shampoo.
  8. Rinse area again if necessary.
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