Source: The Scotsman (Extract)
Posted: September 22, 2023

These are 10 stunning cats and adorable kittens that are likely to make perfect companions for older owners.

As one of the most independent animals on the planet, people often mistake cats for being unloving and moody – but it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Some of the most friendly creatures on the planet, there are a number of beautiful cat breeds that are affectionate, friendly and loving and perfect for elderly owners who are looking for a companion.

Did you know, cats are so popular owners can sometimes be so in love with these gorgeous creatures that they get another? The reports say the average cat owner is normally known to have two kitty cat pals!

And while their personalities are all completely different and their needs are all individual, there are some that just fit perfectly for homes with senior family members due to their nature.

Here are 10 of the best cat breeds for elderly owners.

1. Snowshoe

A modern breed of cat, the Snowshoe is a hybrid of the Siamese and American Shorthair and requires a moderate level of care in comparison to other breeds. Their four paws are a striking white colour – hence their name – and bond easily with their owner.

2. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair breed is independent and requires low maintenance, despite being a cat who enjoys play.

3. American Wirehair

This cuddly cat breed is a gorgeous medium size breed with a stunning coat that is seen as hypoallergenic due to it shedding less than most cat breeds.

4. Bombay

The beautiful Bombay cat breed does love to be affectionate and is able to bond with whole households with ease.

5. Chartreux

This gorgeous but quiet cat breed does enjoy exercise but is known to bond firmly with one owner and is very low maintenance.

6. Havana

Playful and independent, the Havana cat breed loves to play but is equally as happy to throw toys about and have a good scratch on a scratchy post.

7. Manx

This cute little kitty cat is one of the only breeds with no tail. A playful breed, a Max will love to get involved with a game of fetch and is very friendly while requiring little grooming in comparison to other breeds.

8. Ragdoll

One of the most beautiful cats, they Ragdoll loves to walk around your feet and make you feel loved.

9. Russian Blue

This stunning blue-grey coated cat is a quiet but affectionate breed of cat that will love making you feel loved. They are not too energetic and would simply prefer to stay close to their owners.

10. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is one of the more commonly known cat breeds but is equally one of the oldest and easiest to care for. They can be playful but are often calm, independent and considered breeds. Perfect for the elderly owner.