Source: Parade Pets (Extract)
Posted: July 17, 2023

A special bond between humans and cats might not be as noticeable as the connection between humans and dogs. Cats are more subtle in how they show affection, and there are some clear signs they give if they consider you someone really important to them — like their mom.

“Signs your cat considers you its mother, one is they have conversations with you.” “Vocalizing is another common sign that your cat is attached to you. Cats are far more vocal with humans than with other cats.”

Experts think this chatter in cats is a “behavioral adaptation that helps cats communicate with us in the way that we understand best.” “If your cat utters specific vocalizations like trilling, purring, chirping, and tiny high-pitched meows when you are around, it demonstrates how strong your bond is.”

There are some things a cat will only allow a human to do if it comes from “their favorite human,” and a big one is being able to touch their nose.

“A cat’s nose is very sensitive, and most cats don’t like their nose being touched”. “In the world of cats, nose touching is a very intimate gesture. It is a step above bunting. A nose poke also leaves the cat very vulnerable, as we must be very close to their face to do it.”

So, if your cat allows you to touch its nose, they don’t only trust you, but they consider you their mom or one of their very best friends.

According to Scientific American, other signs your cat loves you include rubbing their head or side against your leg, how they’re holding their tail, slow eye blinks, and how close they allow you to get to them.