Family From Affluent Sydney Suburb Advertises For Live-In Cat Nanny

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Posted: May 13, 2023

A family in one of Australia’s poshest suburbs is on the hunt for a full-time nanny to join their home – but the gig comes with a major twist.

A family in one of Australia’s most affluent suburbs is on the hunt for a full-time nanny to join their home and care for their cat.

Yes, you read that right. They want to pay someone to live in their house and hang out with their cat.

The job advertisement, posted on Seek, requests applications for a “Pet Nanny for an amazing cat” to live, apparently rent-free, in the ritzy eastern Sydney suburb of Double Bay.

“Don‘t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to look after (one) pet full time and only focus on the care and love of one cat,” the job listing reads.

“This position will require someone who is available to live-in full-time and stay home to look after the most beloved, gorgeous cat in Australia.”

Like a bona fide Mary Poppins, the ad says a successful applicant will be provided “your own room” and access to “all facilities within a wonderful and beautiful house”.

Duties and responsibilities include “feeding, walking, playing, and providing love and attention” to the cat, as well as taking it on daily “garden and yard outings”, giving it daily health checks, and cleaning food and litter areas every day.

It also requests the nanny engage the cat in “play, enrichment activities and mental stimulation”, as well as just keeping it company.

The ad suggests the role would be most suitable to a single person who does not have their own pet, “given it is a live-in position”.

“The ideal candidate would be someone interested in staying long-term and looking for a stable role, so please only serious candidates apply,” the post continues, and notes the role is open to “all ages” with the “experience required”.

“Please only apply if you have experience with cats, or we will not consider your application.”

Experience, it specifies, can be professional or simply having owned a pet in the past.

Applicants are also required to have “a passion for cats and a deep understanding of their needs”, a valid working with children check, first aid training and a police check. And they’ll need to work through the week “including weekends and holidays”.

The interesting ad was re-shared across cat-lover Facebook pages, gaining a mixed bag of reactions – some declaring it a “dream job” while others were critical of the owners, saying they “shouldn’t have a pet if they can’t care for it”.

“Hopefully little kitty doesn’t have a big string of medical needs. Ultimate role for someone if it’s as good as it seems,” one person wrote.

“Sounds slightly weird to me … but what the hey,” another commented.

A few joked that the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld – who was besotted with his cat Choupette – was “alive and well and living in Sydney’s east”.

But others were more critical of the “messed up” advertisement.

“I get what you are saying about how it would be ideal for someone – but still. They are looking for someone single who wants to make their life revolve around a cat.”

A number of people defended the owner from the sceptics, saying they may be limited in how much hands-on care they can give their pet for any number of reasons.