Source:  Daily Telegraph (Extract)
Posted:  April 11, 2021

With more canoodles, moodles and schnoodles hitting Sydney’s streets every day, pet fashion has become a serious business as owners strive to stand out from the pack.

If you thought there were oodles more dogs around than before the pandemic you would be correct.

The latest figures show while dog ownership shot ahead by leaps and bounds thanks to COVID-19, the poodle crossbreeds were far more popular than others.

The fashionable dog breed cavoodle — sometimes called a cavapoo and a cross between a king charles cavalier and a poodle — is now the state’s most popular dog, according to figures from Australia’s largest vet network Greencross.

Cavoodle ownership jumped by 27 per cent in the past year alone.

Nipping at the cavoodle’s heels is its close relative, the moodle — a cross between a maltese and a poodle, which was 31 per cent more popular last year than the year before.

And the chasing pack behind them includes schnoodles (schnauzer and poodle), groodles (golden retriever and poodle) and spoodles (spaniel and poodle).

Other dogs to demand attention include the miniature dachshund, commonly referred to as a “sausage dog” that increased by 29 per cent and the pug, which trotted ahead 13 per cent.

And it seems we are also spoiling our new “fur babies”.

Despite their pets coming already equipped with a handy body covering of fur, it seems owners are snapping up activewear, streetwear and winter fashion for their dishlickers.

Pet retailer Petbarn now stocks clothes from an XS-sized chihuahua through to XXXL fit for a husky.

Last year Petbarn’s winter fashion sales grew by about a third compared to 2019 and fashion customers grew by ten per cent, with further increases expected this year.

Ed Pearce, “dad” to Ruben the cavoodle, said he tries to dress himself and his dog in matching outfits to stand out from the other canoodles at the dog park.

“I stick to a casual, street look and try to do the same for Ruben, he loves denim just like his dad, it’s an everyday essential,” he said.

“There’s more and more canoodles on Sydney’s streets so we are stoked that we stand out.”

Pet parent Laurie Weeks sees fashion and functionality as equally important when dressing miniature dachshund Pippa.

“Little Pippa gets cold easily so it’s great that we have found her a winter coat that doesn’t compromise on style,” she said.

“She has designer taste so she’s loving this buffalo check and fur trim look!”

PetBarn’s chief of retail Scott Charters said owners are also aiming to capture the perfect look so their pet stands out on social media.

Dog selfies — or perhaps “delfies” — look better with “distressed denim, corduroy, patterns, grunge looks and tartans”, he said.

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