Source: TMZ (Extract)
Posted: April 22, 2023

A humongous cat just found a home, and hopefully it’s a big one!

Patches the cat was caged at the Richmond Animal Care and Control Center in Virginia, dreaming of adoption but apparently with little hope.

The zoftig creature was actually a hit at the shelter … folks there loved his belly. That said, there was no room for body positivity, because it just wasn’t healthy, so Patches went on a diet and exercise regimen.

A local saw pics of Patches and that was it … she loved the cat and the cat was super into her, so Patches can now destroy living room furniture in a loving home.

BTW … not the biggest cat on record. Himmy tipped the scales back in 1986 at 46 lbs.

Interestingly … in ’98, Guinness 86’d the record for fattest cat … to stop owners from overfeeding the felines for the sake of getting in the record books.

Short story … Patches is feline fine!