Source: Hindustan Times (Extract)
Posted: August 17, 2023

On the occasion of National Black Cat Appreciation Day, let’s explore five black cat breeds renowned for their charm and suitability as wonderful companions.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating and honouring the elegance, mystique and charm of black cats. Held annually on August 17, it is an opportunity to dispel the superstitions and myths that have surrounded black cats for centuries and instead focus on the beauty and uniqueness of these feline animals. Not only are these cats stunning with their sleek, glossy coats, but they also have personalities that range from playful and affectionate to intelligent and independent. Whether you’re the proud owner of a black cat or just thinking of getting one, here are some of the most loved black cat breeds that make great pets.

1. Black Persian cat

Everyone’s favourite flat-faced cat is the Persian. This cat is easily recognised by its typical silky, shiny black coat. Persians are famous for their long, shiny coats, but it’s important to remember that they need extra care. Many Persians speak in a soft, pleasant tone and are friendly, if a little reserved. They work best in a quiet environment and can be quite lively at home.

2. American Shorthair

The original household pet, the shorthair is characterised by large eyes and ears, slightly flattened features and the iconic curly cat grin. As they are often calm and relaxed around people of all ages, they make wonderful family pets. These adorable creatures can be recognised by their whiskers and wiry, curly coat. The coat can have a fuzzy appearance and can be almost similar to that of a sheep.

3. Bombay cats

The Bombay cat is characterised by a smooth black coat, which some have described as having a patent leather appearance. They were first crossed with a domestic shorthair and a Burmese in the 1950s. The rich black colour of the American Shorthair and the sleek, chiselled form of the Burmese were the original goals for this new breed. As well as being an attractive breed, this charming cat has a sociable character, similar to the Bombay and American Shorthair, and is quite laid back.

4. Cornish Rex

These slim black cats are as nimble and kitten like as they appear, with curly coats, large noses, and enormous bat ears. Although they have a slender frame, they are robust and athletic, and their coat has a lamb-like look. The very clever Cornish Rex cats adore playing games with their owners.

5. Scottish Fold

These cute cats have owl-like features! Maybe even teddy bears? The Scottish Fold originated in Scottish barnyards and is characterised by its endearingly curled ears; unlike the American Curl, the Scottish Fold’s ears are folded downwards and towards the nose. The Scottish Fold is characterised by its rounded head, large, beautiful eyes and folded ears (which are the result of a genetic abnormality). This short-haired, medium-sized cat gets along with everyone and enjoys being your little shadow, so if you’re looking for one, look no further.