Source: ABC News (Extract)
Posted: September 27, 2022

The RSPCA is investigating the suspected poisoning of seven cats and a dog in regional Western Australia.

The incident happened at the weekend at a property in Kojonup, about 250 kilometres south-west of Perth.

Tragically, all seven cats have died while the dog remains at a veterinarian clinic.

Owner Dawn Stancer said one of the cats came to her with a piece of meat hanging out of its mouth and within half an hour she was racing her cats to the vet.

One cat after the other showed signs of poisoning

“They were foaming at the mouth and paralysed,” she said.

Owner says poisoning was targeted

Ms Stancer said seven of her eight cats died with some needing to be euthanised.

“I live for these cats, they’re what keeps me going,” she said.

Ms Stancer said her dog was also poisoned but had survived and was still under close watch.

She believes her pets were targeted.

Ms Stancer said her vet bill is currently about $4,000 and was expected to be higher with the ongoing care needed for her dog.

The type of poison is still unknown.

In a statement, the RSPCA WA confirmed it was investigating the incident.

“RSPCA WA can confirm it received a report of the suspected poisoning of seven cats and a dog in Kojonup. The Great Southern inspector is investigating,” they said.